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Life Insurance

You may be eligible for a cash payout from your policy. Let Cedar Life shop your policy so you can receive more.

What We Do

Cedar Life Settlements is a life settlement broker. A life insurance settlement is the sale of your life insurance policy, or part of your policy, for a cash payout. 

Cedar Life Settlements partners with registered investors that may be interested in purchasing your life insurance policy. As the owner of the policy, potential buyers will compete for your policy. You may then select the best offer or keep your policy, as you’re under no obligation to sell. 

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How It Works

The process is simple, and our team is here to guide you through it from start to finish. 

1. Answer a Few Questions

Questions pertain to policy details and relevant personal information

2. We Bring Investors To You

Our vetted partners compete by submitting offers based on the details you provide

3. Select the Best Offer For You

You may review offers and choose which makes the most sense for you

Ready to Get Started?

Guides From a Life Settlement Broker

As a life settlement broker, Cedar Life Settlements takes pride in educating our customers to make the best decisions for themselves. 

Read our 2020 Guide on Life Settlements and learn more about the process, pros & cons, and much more. 

Review various options for your policy based on your unique financial situation.

Read more about this common concern regarding tax implications.

Use our life settlement calculator to estimate how much you might receive based on your age & current policy.

Real Scenarios

"An 83-year-old woman with a $1 million universal life policy with premium payments of $42,321. However, her insurance carrier offered a cash surrender value of only $46,567. She wanted to maintain her coverage, but needed to lower her monthly premiums to reduce expenses and maintain her quality of life. Through a life settlement she was able to obtain $310,000"
83 Year Old
Atlanta, GA
"One 76-year-old man developed financial problems after his wife passed away and realized he could no longer afford to pay the premiums for a $2.5 million survivorship universal life policy. He was prepared to cash it in for just $55,544 when his broker referred him to a specialist in life settlements. Having received $785,000 as a top bid, he was able to secure his future years and told his broker that this had changed his life. "
76 Year Old
Charlotte, NC

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